LAHORE-Pakistan Professional Boxing Federation (PPBF) is seeking permission from the World Boxing Council Asia (WBCA) to get Quetta boxer Ali Dad a youth title fight.

PPBF chief Rasheed Baloch has approached the WBC Asia secretary to allow Ali Dad to fight for youth title. “The WBC Asia General Secretary will confirm the fight after he gets permission from his president,” said Rasheed here Tuesday.

Ali Monday knocked out M Umair Khan in a lightweight bout organised by the PPBF in connection with the Asger Ali Pro-Boxing Night at KP. The federation arranged six bouts in a bid to get professional boxing popularity in Pakistan. Ali Dad was up against Umair and by the 58th second of the second rough, the former pugilist knocked down his rival to win the bout and now hope for a WBC youth title fight provided the world body in Asia allows him.

During the pro-boxing night apart from lightweight, bouts were held in bantamweight, light fly weight, super feather weight, super welter weight and feather weight categories. The duties of referee and judges were performed by Kaleem Ahmed Azad, Abdul Hameed, Muhammad Ajmal Khan and Muhammad Afzal Khan.

In the opening bout of bantamweight category, Muhai Uddin defeated Muhammad Asfand Yar Khan by a unanimous decision of the judges 3-0. The lightweight category bout was between M Sadiq and Sajjad Khan. It was also a unanimous decision 3-0 in favour of M Sadiq.

In bout three, which was in super featherweight held between Shahid and Fazl Ullah, Fazl won after a close fight. The boxers remained even in the first round and in the remaining two rounds Fazl edged to win by a slender margin with final point being 2-0.

The fourth bout, which was in lightweight, Ali Dad was the winner against Umair. Ali knocked out his rival technically in the second round’s 58 second.

Muzafar Khan and Mansoor fought in the Super welterweight bout that also did not last long. Muzafar knocked out Mansoor in the first round and to be precise in two minutes and 49 second. The final bout of the day was in featherweight category and the winner was Sikandar Abbasi. Sikandar dominated the entire proceeding and won the fight against Saleem 3-0 with a unanimous decision of the judges. Now these boxers will further train for six round professional fights.