ISLAMABAD - Rejecting the government petition for increase of 16 paisas per unit, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Wednesday allowed tariff decrease of Rs 0.4 per unit for ex-WAPDA distribution companies on account of fuel price adjustment for the month of March.

The decision was taken by NEPRA in a public hearing on the petition filed by the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA). The decision will have a cumulative impact of around Rs 280 million on the electricity consumers and the relief will be provided to the consumers in the next month’s bills.

The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA-G) on behalf of DISCOs presented the case before the NEPRA. In its petition the CPPA said it had charged consumers a reference tariff of Rs 4.9990 per unit in March while the actual fuel cost turned out more than the charged amount i.e. 5.16 per unit and hence it asked the regulator that it should be allowed to transfer the increase of Re 0.1581 per unit to the power consumers. However NEPRA has rejected the demand for increase and instead decreased the tariff by 4 paisa per unit.

The adjustment will, however, not be applicable to lifeline consumers who consume up to 50 units a month as well as K-Electric consumers.

According to the petition total energy generated in March was 7621.31 GWh at a total cost of Rs 38.099 billion which is Rs 4.9990 per units. Of the total, the net electricity delivered to Discos was 7470.42 GWh at Rs 38.54 billion with transmission losses of 1.98 percent.

According to the data provided to NEPRA, the share of hydropower generation has increased from 1522.60 GWh in February to 1601.12 GWh in March.

It was informed that around 40.29 GWh or 0.53 percent electricity was generated from furnace oil which is far less than 112.35 GWh or 1.68 percent electricity generated in February The cost of electricity generated from RFO was Rs 11.36 per unit. In February no electricity was generated from high speed diesel. The energy generated from RLNG in March was 1783.76 GWh or 23.40 percent of the total generation which is higher than 1129.23 GWhs or 16.89 percent of the electricity generated in February. The cost of RLNG based electricity was Rs 9.85 per unit. The total generation, in March, from local gas-based electricity was 1832.86GWh or 24.05 percent which is higher than 1595.08 GWh or 23.85 percent electricity generated in February. The cost of the local gas based electricity was Rs 5.7643 per unit.

Coal-fired power generation contributed 1,068.76GWh, accounting for 14.02 percent of total generation at a cost of Rs6.9749 per unit.

Nuclear power plants generated 877.65GWh, having a share of 11.53 percent at a cost of Rs1.06 per unit. In March, 34.21GWh of electricity was imported from Iran for Rs11.5709 per unit. From bagasse, 95.28GWh was generated at a cost of Rs5.6433 and 186.82GWh and 66.9GWh were produced from wind and solar respectively.