LAHORE - Department of History of the Punjab University (PU) together with the Pakistan Study Centre (PSC) arganised a seminar titled 'A peaceful resolution to Arab-Israeli Conflict at the varsity here on Monday. Prof Dr S Qalb-i-Abid also participated in the seminar wherein Georgetown Scholar Imam Dr Yahya Hendi (PhD) was the keynote speaker. Imam Yahya traced the roots of Arab-Israel conflict in the emotional involvement of Muslims, Christians and Jews in the region of Palestine particularly Jerusalem. He believed that as it was a sacred place for the three religions, it should be accessible to the whole world and should not be confined to only one community. He emphasised that the three basic principles should be followed for resolving this problem. The first principle was politics of justice, which meant that all the governments should maintain the vision and practice of justice in all fields of life for all the communities. Secondly, economics of equity, which signified that the people should be paid in accordance with what they do; ability to avail economic opportunities and educational facilities should be provided to all. Thirdly, the covenant of communities which ordained that rights of all the communities should be protected without any regard to caste or creed. Imam Yahya emphasised that these three principles could provide bedrock for the solution of the Arab-Israel Conflict. He then delved on the projected solutions of the conflict. In his opinion, two states solution - Israel and Palestine - was impractical as Palestine would be divided into two geographically, separate areas and Israel would lie in between. He also believed that one state solution was also not possible in the present circumstances where Jews felt themselves insecure as a minority and the Palestinians were highly distrustful of the Jews. He opined that the present US administration has launched a peace initiative and president Obamas Cairo speech was an important break from the past. He emphasized that Pakistan due to its geopolitical importance-along with the OIC and the Arab League should come forward to respond to this initiative and present a unified voice on the issue. Dr Qalb-i-Abid gave a historical perspective of the Palestine problem mentioning the British promise (Balfour declaration) to create a separate Jewish state in the world, increasing Jewish population from only thousands to millions (legally and illegally). That after the creation of Israel in 1948, the Palestine problem became a problem not only for the Middle East but also for the whole world.