LOS ANGELES: A woman alleges she was punched in the jaw on a tour bus hours shortly before rapper 2 Chainz’s arrest.

2 Chainz was arrested in Oklahoma City Wednesday night after police attempted to stop and searched his tour bus for drugs.

TMZ is now reporting that a woman has alleged her jaw was broken after being punched in the face by an unknown member of the rappers’ entourage.

According to the website, the victim was sent “flying out of the bus door” from the impact and she “landed on her back on the pavement with blood pouring out of her mouth”. The unnamed woman asserts that the assailant hit-on her throughout the concert and after the show she accepted his offer to hang out on a 2 Chainz/Lil Wayne/T.I. tour bus.

When the victim got there she claims the man “stuck his hand down her shirt and grabbed her breast”. After she slapped his hand away he landed the punch and ran away from the scene.

The woman reportedly underwent surgery to repair her jaw, which was broken in two places and it is now “wired shut for six weeks while it heals”.

She will have to remain on a liquid diet while she recuperates. No arrests have been made, but police are actively investigating the incident.

It is unknown whether the man is officially connected to 2 Chainz, T.I., or Lil Wayne. The alleged assault took place a few hours before 2 Chainz was taken into custody for “interfering with the police process”. It’s not the first time 2 Chainz has had a run-in with the law in recent months.–BF