Hearing the words of wisdom said by our octogenarian CM Sindh “the flood is not our fault but the blessing of Allah Almighty” was shocking, as if Allah has ordered the government machinery not to prepare for the floods!

As if Allah has not granted us the capacity to divert funds for repair of the flood protection embankments. The CM has chosen to use word for flood as ‘blessing,’ and he is right, it is a blessing for countries that are prepared for the deluge as well as have planned how to store the water and save the hapless multitude. Floods are not strange or sudden to Pakistan or Sindh; we had most horrendous deluges in 2010 and flood cum heavy rains in 2011. The weather experts continued to warn the government of Pakistan to prepare for another flood but no action was taken.

The government was busy setting up house, having a honeymoon and visiting Saudi Arabia for Umrah and China while the nation was sliding towards disaster. These floods are now happening during monsoon every year. The CM might have blamed the past government but he couldn’t because his party has ruled in Sindh and none other than he himself was at the helm of affairs in Sindh.


Johi, August 22.