ISLAMABAD : Analyst Afzal Bajwa termed the economic corridor of Gwadar-Kashghar as a natural gift for Pakistan and the whole region.  Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said that the corridor can be used by several other countries but it will be Pakistan who will receive the transit fee as per international laws. He said the corridor is not only important for Pakistan but it will benefit the whole region including China, the gulf, India and Central Asia.  This project will bring prosperity and development in Pakistan, he added.

Prominent economist Dr. Shahid Hassan also appreciated Nawaz Sharif for undertaking China’s visit as it will prove a positive step in long run.Currently, only China can help Pakistan in its efforts to restore its economic growth as it has huge foreign exchange reserves, he said.

He added that the government is serious in developing Gwadar port and

economic corridor. China and Pakistan can work together as they are friends and their interests converge, he said.