There has been no let up in power loadshedding rather the unscheduled loadshedding has increased, exposing the tall claims of the incumbent government.

In a talk show on Private TV Federal Minister Khawaja Asif claimed that he had provided some relief to the public by increasing the power production up to 1700 Megawatt. It may be that increased electricity has been diverted to big cities where elite class resided. On the other hand, people living in rural and remote areas are concerned as they have to pay heavy bills for receiving short amount of electricity for about four to six hours only and that too after long intervals in between with no scheduled timings. It is surprising that the menace of circular debt and monster of loadshedding has not been controlled.

Meanwhile people of Mandi Bahauddin have urged the government to take notice of their plight and provide relief to consumers as promised by the PML-N top leadership during the party election campaign. People have drawn attention of the Wapda authorities to the poor state of Rasul Powerhouse. This powerhouse has the capacity to generate electricity up to 33 Megawatt.

At present time due to poor maintenance and not installation of third turbine it is producing only 4 Megawatt of electricity. On right side of Rasul Barrage another powerhouse could be built with production capacity of 20 Megawatt. Its feasibility report reportedly has been prepared in files but no work has started about this very useful project.

Up-gradation of the existing Rasul Powerhouse and construction of new power house on right side of the river near Rasul Barrage would add 55 Megawatts electricity to National Grid, helping in mitigating the sufferings of the people inflicted by the loadshedding.