KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Central Deputy Secretary General Imran Ismail termed creating hurdles in a peaceful and democratic demonstration a shameful act of Punjab government.  In a statement issued here on Saturday, he condemned the incident.

“Manipulation in by-election results is not a hidden story. Punjab government acted against the peaceful protestors who were holding a demonstration along with the proofs of rigging and this reveals that government has some fear,” he added.

He further stated the PTI devotees were ready to face hurdles on the path of this movement for justice. He criticised the Punjab government and Punjab Police for being violent with Opposition leader Punjab Mehmoodur Rasheed, PTI Punjab president Ejaz Chaudhry, Andleeb Abbas and other participants of a peaceful protest.

Imran said, “The incident exposed Punjab government’s immoral conduct in a democratic system. Those who used slogans of democracy in election campaigns should respect democratic rights of the people.”

Moreover, the PTI Sindh spokesman added that PTI will hold a demonstration at Karachi Press Club on Sunday (today) against the Punjab government’s action on the peaceful PTI protest.

‘Sacked bodies’

recovery a shame for security agencies’

Awami National Party Sindh chief and Senator, Shahi Syed in a statement here on Saturday said the recovery of sacked bodies from various parts of the City put a question mark on the performance of security agencies.

Expressing anguish and anger on the prevailing target killing in the metropolis, he said extortion was on its peak and the silence of authorities was a matter of concern.

He said Karachi was once a peaceful city but now it seems that fear and death governs the city. Shahi added the federal and provincial government should take the situation of Karachi serious and realise their responsibilities and exercise their best to crush terrorism.