Iran being an important Muslim country, with great amount of oil reserves is trying hard to be a nuclear power but, unfortunately United States and European Union is the hurdle. According to United States and European Union, Iran’s nuclear power is for warfare whereas, Iran declines the charge and states that their nuclear programs are for peaceful purposes and self-defense.

Iran is trying to get this mission accomplished, but, Iran is not specialised in technology. If we look into the problem we can observe that Iran lacks Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU), which is the most important ingredient for successful nuclear program, whereas Iran’s technology is limited to Lower Enriched Uranium (LEU). Not only this, but the other international communities are also not happy with Iran’s nuclear power plant.

One of the United States intelligence confirms that Iran has not decided to make any nuclear bombs; they are just capable of making centrifuges. Former United States Ambassador, Ryan Cocker exclaimed that Iran should go on with their nuclear program, because according to him Iran’s nuclear mission is not for warfare and he believes it is completely safe for the world. For satisfaction, he advised Iranian government to allow International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors to visit the plants and sights.

There is another side to the issue which we all are forgetting. If armament is the purpose, we should know each one of us should bitterly oppose nuclear weapons, their use in all its forms and manifestations and any state having these should be condemned, forced or compelled to give them up completely. Have we made these bombs for the aliens – who have warned they are going to invade our plant -- or for killing fellow humans, one is at a loss for words to censure it. The armament should begin with the big nuclear powers and then each and every country including the new members of the nuclear club, Israel, India and Pakistan should be made to give up the capability. But this should happen at the same time, so that there is no claim for double-crossing or deception that one country did it but the others did not follow it. Are we humans with reason and a thinking mind or have we all gone insane?


Karachi, August 3.