The service in Wapda is a respectable profession but its own officials are putting its dignity and integrity at stake, and are busy cutting the roots of their own institution through corruption, disclosed a Mepco official.

The Mepco Bahawalpur Circle officer added that the officials should correct themselves else they would be fired and they have to face cases and go to jail. He disclosed that tube-well defaulters have outstanding electricity bills of Rs3,156 million while the government is also Rs1.016 billion indebted regarding subsidy.

In August, a total of 505 notices have been issued to defaulters by the NAB while Rs4 million fines have been imposed on the defaulters and 180 FIR's registered against the electricity thieves. Some 21.6% line losses witnessed in the month of August through the circle while 23.5% line losses remained in the month of July.

"Black sheep in the Mepco involved in the electricity theft will not be spared at any cost. When protectors of a house become thieve, no one could save the house," said Mepco Bahawalpur Circle SE Fazalullah Khan Durrani during his surprising visit to Satellite Town Subdivision. "Administration and agencies have been assigned with the task of eliminating electricity theft. Wapda officials are not cooperating with the task force made for the stoppage of electricity theft.

Metre readers will be responsible for the line losses and action will be taken against these culprits without any discrimination."

He said that metre readers should avoid fake reading for giving unlawfully benefits to the customer by taking bribe. He added that Pakistan Army is assisting Wapda to stop electricity theft and now the whole administration and agencies were also assisting it for this purpose.

He added that an action would be taken against the Wapda officials who were not cooperating with the task force. He said that line losses have increased in Satellite Town Subdivision, adding that metre readers leave the reading for giving benefits to consumers. He said that now metre readers would be responsible for the line losses and action will be taken against them.