I wish to inform you that Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has blocked a social site along with YouTube which has nothing to do with religious or pornographic material. This site is called “CARE2 PETITION,” it is a site which raises voice about issues such as abuse of minors, child abuse, female abuse, abuses to animals, pets and wildlife etc. All a person has to do is to log on to the website and give his/her opinion by signing the petition, if they desires and hence fulfill their social responsibility. By doing this, a request is passed to relevant governments or institutions who in turn can take appropriate actions to improve the conditions which have resulted in (any form of) abuse.

I consider it as our social responsibility as citizen and a noble cause. I will request you to visit the website (if possible) to see what kind of issues is highlighted by this web-site. I request you to kindly unblock this social site immediately.


Lahore, August 20.