LONDON: Tulisa’s agent feared she was going to ‘’commit suicide’’ after claims she set up a drug deal.

The former ‘X Factor’ UK star was arrested earlier this year for allegedly facilitating the sale of £800 worth of Class A drugs and Jonathan Shalit has revealed her employed someone to look after her after the allegations.

Speaking at a ‘Media Crisis’ session at the Edinburgh Festival, he said: ‘’She got to the point where I was worried she would commit suicide.

‘’I made sure that someone was at her house for two consecutive nights to make sure she did nothing stupid, because she genuinely thought her life was over.’’

The star is set to answer police bail in October and while many friends are concerned for her welfare, a source close to her has claimed she is ‘’over the worst of it’’.

The insider told the Daily Mirror: ‘’Tu is slowly smiling again and is definitely over the worst of it.

‘’She insists she is no longer worried about being famous and wants to work hard and make money.

‘’She says she will bounce back and we all hope she can move forward and get her confidence back.’’–ES