Pakistan’s Independence day, this is celebrated on 14th August every year with great passion to honor the sacrifices of our leaders and the people. This day is an opportunity to promote patriotism and national unity. We celebrate this day by decorating buildings, apartments with flags and buntings, streets with candles and oil lamps, by dressings ourselves in green and white and putting a batch of Pakistani flag. All government offices, non-governmental organization, educational institutes, post offices and major markets are closed so that people can enjoy the day. Even public transport is also not available on the major routes. We have restricted our independence with our display pictures and statuses of Facebook. But if we think seriously, what have we done for our country? Is this the way to celebrate independence? Is Decorating the houses and streets are enough to celebrate 14th August? Is this the way of showing patriotism? Other countries have achieved so much in every field and we are still away from the basic necessities of life like electricity, water, gas, petrol. Our government is not giving attention towards these issues. Now, it’s our duty to work hard for the prosperity of our country Instead of showing patriotism on a single day. And make our country an established country so that it can compete with other countries in every field. So that we can also be proud of saying that we are Pakistani throughout the world.


Karachi, August 11.