LOS ANGELES-Blake Lively says she knows her recent looks have been ‘’extra’’.

The 30-year-old actress has been wowing fans with a variety of outfits while on the promotional trail for her new film ‘A Simple Favour’ and she admitted she can be a little over the top with some of her looks. The blonde beauty posted a photo of herself sporting a Bottega Veneta shorts suit, complete with clashing pints, a neck broach, Lorraine Schwartz jewels, and a matching gem encrusted purple box bag.

She wrote: ‘’Good thing I’m not asked to design school uniforms... they would be very EXTRA.’’ Blake also posted a photo of her hands covered in huge purple jewel-encrusted rings against her power suit. She wrote: ‘’When you want to wear ALLL the lorraineschwartz earrings so you put the rest on your jacket and hope she doesn’t kill you...’’ The star previously admitted she doesn’t use a stylist because she has a ‘’big ego’’ and loves the creative aspect of putting together her own looks as it’s so different to her normal work. Asked why she doesn’t have a stylist, she said: ‘’Probably because I have control issues and a big ego - that’s probably the honest answer. ‘’I just like it. I love design and I love fashion and it’s a way to be creative. In my job I get to be creative, but it’s over a period of time and so many other people are involved, whereas this is a beginning, middle and end, and I get to be creative and there’s an end date in the near future. ‘’It’s the same reason why I like doing my friends’ hair and make-up or cooking - you get to be creative and finish it Whereas with my job you do it and then two years later it’s finished. It probably goes back to the control issues; it’slike, ‘Ok I did it, I completed it, it’s done!’’’

Blake has admitted that putting together her outfits takes ‘’a lot of work’’ but has an assistant to help her with the trickier aspect of asking designers for items.

She said: ‘’It’s a lot of work - I mean, it’s not hard in that we all dress ourselves every morning. So once you have the clothes, you just pick out what to wear like any other human being does. But it’s easier because you have access to clothes and so it’s not that hard.

‘’The hard part is going through all the fashion shows and screenshotting all the looks you like and calling them in. I have an assistant who helps in calling in the looks. But a lot of it is I have relationships with the designers.’’