SIALKOT/ GUJRANWALA/TOBA TEK SINGH/AHMEDPUR EAST-Eidul Azha was celebrated with religious fervour and enthusiasm here with the discharge religious obligation following in the footsteps of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS).

Eid prayers were offered at Eidgahs, mosques and open places in Sialkot, Daska, Bhopalwala, Sambrial, Uggoki, Satrah, Pasrur, Badiana, Chawinda, Zafarwal, Shakargarh and in surrounding areas amid tight security.

Ulema and Khateebs, in their Eid sermons, highlighted the significance and philosophy of sacrifice. Special prayers were also offered for unity, solidarity and progress of Pakistan, well-being of the Muslim Ummah and emancipation of the oppressed Muslims across the world.

After the Eid prayers, camels, cows, goats and sheep were sacrificed by the people. Police and intelligence agencies remained alert as the Sialkot police chalked out a foolproof security plan for Eidul Azha to avert any untoward incident.

Senior police officials said that the policemen and personnel of the law enforcing agencies kept a vigilant eye on the dubious persons.

They added that security was further tightened at all the mosques, Eidgahs, Madrassaas and other scared and public places in Sialkot district under its foolproof security plan during Eid days. Gujranwala citizens offered Eid prayers in different mosques where strict security arrangements were made by the police.

Soon after greetings were exchanged, men went out in search of butchers to help them carry out their sacrifices to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s readiness to sacrifice his son to show obedience to God.

The people of Toba Tek Singh sacrificed animals including goats, cows, bullocks and camels they got at very high prices. Maulana Munem Husnain Siddiqui, administrator of a religious seminary, claimed that on this Eid, the Muslims preferred collection sacrifices as they did not have sufficient money to purchase goats.

In addition, the prices of onion, tomato, Dhania, lemon, green chilli, fruit, spices and other edibles were also increased due to the holy festival.

To avoid any untoward activity, special security arrangements were made for Eidul Adha congregations.

DPO ZULFIQAR AHMAD said 690 policemen were deputed for the purpose around 273 Eid prayer places.

He added that at sensitive places walkthrough gates were installed while at other places metal detectors were utilised to check the people at entry points.

He also said that no organisation or individual not having no-objection certificate had been allowed to collect hides.

He said one wheeling was also checked strictly and those violated the order were arrested.

EidulAzha was celebrated in Subdivision Ahmedpur East with religious fervour.

The main Eid congregation was held in Eidgah Mehmood Park which was led by Maulana Mufti Muhammad Ahmed Mehmoodi while Prince Bahawal Abbas Khan Abbasi, MPA Sahibzada Gazain Abbasi and other leading Abbasi family members offered their Eid prayers in Royal Eidgah Dera Nawab Sahib.

Eid congregations were also offered in Dera Nawab Cantonment, different mosques, Imambargahs and open places of Ahmedpur East, Chanigoth, Uchsharif,Khairpur Daha, Mubarakpur, Dhorkot, Naushera Jadid, Janowala, Hatheji, and Tehi Zabti.

After offering Eid prayers, Muslims slaughtered animals by following the sacrifice of Hazarat Ibrahim (AS). Circle police under the supervision of DSP Chaudhry Safdar made foolproof arrangements for the maintenance of peace.

Clean plan carried out on Eid days

JHANG/SIALKOT-The workers of the Sialkot Waste Management Company (SWMC) removed 3,000 tonnes of offal and wastage of the sacrificial animals during the Eid days in Sialkot city under its ‘Eid Clean City Plan’.

Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Tahir Wattoo supervised this Eid cleanliness. The DC added that the district administration and SWMC distributed as many as 21,000 plastic bags advising the people use these bags for packing the offal and other wastage of the sacrificial animals.

He said that the district administration and SWMC had divided the entire Sialkot city into four zones besides establishing special points (covering all parts of the Sialkot city) for facilitating the people to dump the offal and other wastage of the sacrificial animals there.

He said that the workers of SWMC made untiring efforts and collected the offal and wastage of the sacrificial animals from entire Sialkot city.

He also highly hailed the good and encouraging cooperation of the people.

Meanwhile, Jhang municipality staffers passed Eidul Azha test by clearing the roads and streets from animal wastage and continued working till the third day of Eid.

Municipal Committee Chief Officer (CO) Anwar Baig and his team disposed of tonnes of animal waste from the city areas and sacrificial sites to dump site.

The idea was to keep the city clean particularly when the threat of emerging diseases looms large. The MC staff remained on duty during Eidul Azha holidays.

Anwar Baig during a media briefing said that MC had distributed special bags in various areas of the city for the safe disposal of animal remains. He said that camps were set up at different central points of the city to address complaints.