Rawalpindi-The civic bodies have failed in removing the offal from cantonment and other areas of the city causing foul odour in the area. The residents in some areas of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board also made complaints about the bad sanitation condition during Eid. However, overall sanitary conditions of the city remained quite satisfactory during the three days of Eid-ul-Azha, as the administration was quick in collecting offal dumped on the roadsides.

 The temporary cattle markets set up by district administration were presenting an ugly look. The choked sewerage system, pools of dirty water, dilapidated roads, heaps of garbage and stinking smell emanating from heaps of garbage were the problems that the people faced at all the cattle markets in the city during the last three days.  As many as 14000 tons of animal waste was lifted from Rawalpindi district including 10,000 tons animal waste from city areas during the three days of Eid-ul-Azha.

 Rawalpindi Waste Management Company Managing Director Rizwan Sherdil told The Nation on Friday that the offal and remains of sacrificial animals have been lifted from the city areas and other Tehsils of Rawalpindi during three days of Eid. “The offal and remains of sacrificial animals have been transported to Losar landfill site and has been buried in big ditches,” he said. He said the sanitary workers have also sprinkled calcimine at the 16 dumping points to kill the germs. He said that the sanitary workers would also visit the different streets of the city to examine the sites and to throw calcimine there. Deputy Commissioner (DC) Dr Umer Jehangir said that a special monitoring team was set up and the sanitary workers performed hard work to clean the city and it’s adjoining areas.

 He said the government took concrete steps to keep the city clean with help of civic bodies. He said the sanitary workers have also been visiting and picking up the offal even from the streets of the city. He, along with Mayor Rawalpindi Sardar Nasim Khan also inspected the areas of Chungi No 8, Chirah Road, Sadiqabad, Sixth Road, Saidpur Road, Satellite Town, Kuri Road, Chah Sultan, Jamia Mosque and Khayaban-e-Sir Syed and found the performance of sanitary workers satisfactory.

 On the other hand, the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board claimed thaat sanitary workers have also launched cleanliness operations in their respective areas. The sanitary workers of RCB, following the instructions of Chief Executive Officer Sibtain Raza, lifted offal and other remaining of sacrificial animals and dumped them outside the cantonment. RCB spokesman Qaisar Mehmood while talking to media said that the RCB hired the machinery to lift the animal waste from the cantonment areas while it was disposed off at Chakri Road landfill site.  He said that a total of 59 complaints were received during the first two days and the problems were solved within two hours. He said that the cleanliness drive was completed on Friday night. On the other hand, the condition in Potohar Town was very ugly as people threw offal even in the middle of the roads and in streets causing troubles for the area people. No sanitary worker was witnessed lifting the offal.