KARACHI - Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Sindh leader Manzoor Wasan has predicted that Imran Khan would dissolve the provincial assemblies and the PTI-led federal government would not complete its tenure.

Wasan, who was unable to contest polls after being disqualified and is former minister in the previous PPP-led government, said that he had seen a dream on the second day of Eid which shows that the PTI government would end before its tenure.

He, however, said that the PPP want the assemblies to complete its tenure for the continuity of democracy in the country. He said that the announcements made by Khan were good but could not be implemented.

“Replacing the expensive vehicles with cost effective and less expensive vehicles is a good step but when a VIP would come from abroad then from where a luxury vehicle would be brought from,” he asked.

He said that the PPP has nominated best possible option (Aitezaz Ahsan) for the presidential post and even the PML-N does not have a competent person like him. “Aietzaz has played an important role in the PML-N led movement for restoration of judiciary in the country,” he said.

Speaking regarding the MQM-P role in the PTI led federal government, he said that the MQM-P would work on old salary and it is need of the hour for them to remain part of federal government as Rangers that had led operation against them is under the federal government. He said that Shehbaz Sharif is of less importance then Nawaz Sharif in the PML-N and the younger Sharif should take other opposition parties into confidence over his moves in the parliament.

Criticizing defectors from PPP and PML-N over joining Imran Khan, Wasan said that those who could not stay loyal with their parties then what could be expected from them.

“If Khan is calling for action against corrupt mafia then he should begin from within his party and government,” he said and adding that other than asking for money from overseas Pakistanis, he should recover money from corrupt within.

He said that the water issue is severe in province and the Sindh government would help sweeten the sea water to utilise it for drinking purpose.

“The provincial government would perform and would respect the heavy mandate given to them from masses,” he said.