LAHORE-This Eid’s huge hit ‘Load Wedding’ flutters off expectations and people are favorably loosening their pockets down over it. When do people love a film? Only when they relate their lives with it, Load Wedding is extremely relevant to our society and is the most meaningful film which gives a life-lesson. So, let’s talk about how the film performed this Eid, shall we?

Load Wedding is about the weights that must be borne to influence a marriage to happen, specifically Jahez (dowry). And while that itself is an imperative issue, the group behind the film makes it one stride ahead by demonstrating how this harms one's attitude at each stage and how it influences the women who succumb to this grim mentality.

Farhana, warmly known as Baby Baaji (Faiza Hasan), can't get married in light of the fact that her family can't bear the cost of the Jahez. Devoured by the way that Baby isn't getting a decent rishta, her mom (Samina Ahmed) responds by disgracing her looks, advising her to get thinner, watch her skin tone and the works. She even boisterously gripes about how “Baby ki umar nikli ja rahi hai (Baby is getting excessively old for marriage).”

Samina Ahmed as Raja and Baby's mom was a delight to watch. Her dialogue delivery was impressive and she did justice to her role.

Mehwish and Fahad nailed their characters as a couple. Meerab, Raja’s childhood love stepped into his life which solves Raja’s major problems but there’s still one left, they only had 24 hours to arrange the curse i.e. dowry to save Raja’s sister’s marriage.

The idea of dowry being an age-old curse presented in a unique way made the film hit at the box office. Load Wedding became people’s top choice of the occasion because of its social message and the good romantic comedy.

Eidul Azha turned out to be the best time to release Load Wedding when other films like Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 and Parwaaz Hai Junoon were also released.

These films, combined, did a business of over Rs500 million on the first day of release delivering a huge support to Pakistan’s film industry.

Load Wedding isn’t exactly what the title means. But it does have its laugh-out-loud moments. It is a perfect combination of romance, comedy and family drama. It’s not bad at all but rather a treat for movie buffs. So go with you family to sit, relax and enjoy.                          Rating 3.5/ 5