The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Saturday lauded the Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s efforts to bring back the ‘stolen’ funds - worth hundreds of billions of dollars - stashed in foreign banks.

The PM has asked the task force of Finance Ministry to submit recommendations within two weeks on means to repatriate the money stolen from masses.

“The government has decided to initiate the process by taking action against influential politicians, bureaucrats and others who owns properties in Dubai worth eight billion dollars,” said PEW President Dr Murtaza Mughal.

“The move will help the new government stabilise the limping economy which it inherited and discourage the corrupt elements,” he added. He said that the government would move to bring back money hidden in secretive Swiss banks, which according to former finance minister Ishaq Dar stands at 200 billion dollars.

Dr Murtaza Mughal said that the former government indicated the volume of money sent illegally, but avoided any meaningful action due to political interests which was criminal.

“Many countries have received dirty money back from Switzerland and in case of a success, Pakistan will be able to retire all its domestic and foreign debts, improve the economy, overcome law and order problem and eradicate poverty,” he observed.

He added that the government has also decided to expand tax net by one hundred thousand people during the first year which is laudable.