SAMBRIAL-Villagers staged a protest against police for its failure to recover a missing person of their village here Sambrial on Thursday. Naveed of Raliokay village, Tehsil Sambrial married the daughter of Afzal, a resident of Puranikay on August 18, 2018. His walima ceremony was held on August 19 and after walima he went to his in-laws’ home at Puranikay as per ritual “Maklawa”.

He went out to offer prayers around 07:15pm but he never came back. Naveed’s brother-in-law Iftikhar Ahmed called his brother Shahnawaz and informed him that Naveed was missing. They tried to find him from the locality but failed and could not find any clue.

The groom’s brother Shahnawaz lodged an FIR with Sambrial Police and alleged that some unidentified persons have kidnapped his brother. He demanded the police recover his brother but the police could not recover him even after the passing of five days.

The missing groom’s family along with the residents of village Raliokay blocked Chowk Sambrial Mor and traffic from all sides i.e. Sialkot, Daska, Wazirabad, Jaithekay and Majra remained blocked. The protester were chanting slogans against police and demanding recovery of the missing groom.

DSP Sheikh Shoukat Ali reached the scene and assured the protesters that the police would find the missing person within a couple of days and also arrest the kidnappers. The protesters ended their protest after assurance form the police high-ups.