KARACHI - Most of the public prosecutors are avoiding appearing in high profile cases due to withdrawal of their security. A number of cases are pending in the trail courts. The Nation has learned on Friday.

A number of public prosecutors across the Sindh have approached the provincial prosecution department showing security concerns after withdrawal of police security. They pleaded the prosecution department to approach the home department to restore their security.

Many special public prosecutors who have been appearing in the anti terrorist courts counselling the state in the heinous cases, have wrote letters to the Inspector General of Sindh Police to restore their security by providing them police personnel while moving to the courts.

In their letters, the prosecutors have requested the provincial police chief to depute police personnel for their security, as they have life threats from the militants’ outfits; the prosecutors submitted that they represent the state in the trail courts against the culprits, involved in heinous cases.  In April, the Supreme Court of Pakistan had directed police chiefs of all provinces to withdraw the security protocol provided to influential individuals not entitled to official security.

Before the SC order, some prosecutors and special public prosecutors who were appearing in the high profile cases were provided police security. The prosecutors have also stated in their letters that after the withdrawal of the police security, they are not able to perform their duties as they had done earlier. Mostly the prosecutors are using public transports or motorcycles while moving from one court to others.

When contacted to the Prosecutor General (PG) Sindh, Ayaz Hussain Tunio, he has confirmed that many prosecutors are facing life threats to appear in the trail court in the high profile cases. He admitted that neither they have any facilities nor they have security to perform their duties.  Mr Tunio has said that he has taken up the issue with the higher authorities to resolve this serious matter, because justice is not possible without straighten the prosecution, he added that this segment must be straighten and the prosecutors issues should be addressed on priority bases.

They should be provided security and other basic needs as they required during performing their jobs, because the prosecutors have big responsibilities to provide justice to the society.   

He said that dedicated prosecutor is the main requirement of successful prosecution. Therefore, there will be more than one prosecutor in each court.

“There is a need to initiate more steps for the betterment of the prosecution department and there is a need to recruit well trained and expert prosecutors to represent the cases on behalf of the state,” said the prosecution general; he added that he will give his recommendations to the higher authorities in this regard.

He said that various steps have been suggested to make practical improvements in the working in this regard.

Commenting on delay of the cases, the prosecution general has said that he will also prepare a road map to enhance effectiveness the prosecution dealing with heinous cases, which has been submitted to the authorities concerned.

He has also admitted that there were unduly long delays in completion of trials because of absence of any case flow management system and various other reasons, including non-cooperation of private lawyers.