PESHAWAR  -  Acting according to the plan devised weeks earlier, the Water and Sanitation Company Peshawar (WSSP) has succeeded in ensuring waste free city on day third of Eid-ul-Adha.

A total of 9,500 tons of waste was produced and disposed of during three days of Eidul-Adha. This was said by WSSP CEO Khanzaib Khan while briefing the media over official closure of Eid plan on Friday.

During the three-day long cleanliness plan on this Eid, the WSSP has collected around 9,500 tons of waste by deploying 3000 cleanliness staffers and 450 vehicles. Whereas, solid waste supply to the central dumping site, some 35km away from the city to the south, was halted for 15 hours due to road blockade by the people who were protesting against prolonged electricity outages.

WSSP vehicles also came under attack late night while carrying waste near Baghbanan area of Shamshatoo locality.

Earlier, the WSSP CEO had cancelled scheduled Eid vacations of all the staff up to senior managerial level and constituted special monitoring teams at central and zonal levels to monitor cleanliness efforts.

A special complaint cell working round the clock was also established to facilitate the citizens. A total of 400 complaints were lodged by the citizens in three days where complaint redressal ratio was hundred percent.

On day first of Eidul Azha, Chief Minister Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Mehmood Khan and Deputy Commissioner Peshawar Imran Hamid along with elected MNAs and MPAs inaugurated cleanliness drive giving instructions to ensure neat and clean city during Eid days. Later in the day, they appreciated efforts of the WSSP for their outstanding performance and working extra hours to ensure waste free city in the religious festivity.

Part of the Eid plan was mass sensitisation. More than 200 clerics and ulema were consulted before the Eid and asked to sensitise masses regarding cleanliness during Eid and their cooperation with the WSSP staffers by disposing sacrificial animals waste at temporarily established dumping places. The WSSP as part of mass sensitisation has also placed 400 banners inscribed with special messages urging masses to play their part in keeping the city clean.

“We took it as a challenge to keep the city clean of all kind of waste,” WSSP chief said while highlighting challenges, achievements and difficulties faced during the three-day long cleanliness operation.  “Due to the closure of main route to the central dumping ground, our disposing activities were interrupted for 15 hours,” he said.

Over the closure of Eid plan, WSSP CEO, Manager Operation Ali Khan and all zonal managers visited various localities of Peshawar city and asked for citizens’ opinion regarding the WSSP staff efforts. They appreciated WSSP work and ask to ensure such activities in future as well.