A sovereign state is one which is empowered to exercise its authority within its defined boundaries and geographical limits. Looking into the geographical boundaries of Pakistan, one wonders why after 67 years its borders on east and north west are not legitimized. On our eastern border, despite UN resolutions and bilateral pacts, Kashmir’s fate is yet to be decided. On the western border Pakistan shares a porous border with Afghanistan, which is the main cause of proliferation of terrorism and extremism. Due to this porous border, Pakistan could not restrict the flow of Afghan refugees into Pakistan.

According to an estimate, Pakistan is hosting about three million registered and unregistered Afghan refugees since USSR intrusion into Afghanistan in 1979 and as per recent agreement, between the Afghan and Pakistani governments, the Afghan refugees will return to their homes by December 2015. Pakistan paid a heavy price, not only in terms of refugees but the Kalashnikov culture and Jihadists and Taliban, the byproduct of USSR and Afghan war. In the context of new wave of terrorism Pakistani government is taking steps to counter terrorism and extremism; it is also time we took measures in defining our borders to discontinue the unchecked exodus into Pakistan.


Lahore, December 22.