All the Harry Potter fans out there will know what I am referring to when I say that it was never over because none of us can really get enough of the HP-hype. But what if I tell you that it is happening in town this time around? Yes, you read it right pals. The hype is real! What better than magic-filled Pakistani (first of its kind) film loaded with talent and spark?

Starring the best wizards and witches who have already enchanted us with their dazzling performances so far, ‘The Last Follower’ and the ‘Resurrection of Voldemort’ is on its way to hit the screens with a boom.

Pakistan’s first fan-made film produced by ‘Khayali Production’ is the 90-minutes long endeavor that is not linked with the Harry Potter series. Nevertheless, filled with magic, it showcases equal amount of hard work and some tremendous efforts put forward by the talented actors of Government College Lahore, who made sure that the real magical essence we get to see in the Harry Potter series is not lost - justice served.

The exclusive trailer launch on 22nd December captured the attention of the crowd that went awe-struck as the trailer hit the screens. Written and directed by Waleed Akram and Umer Dar, the story revolves around the young witches and wizards trying to combat and thwart the darkest wizard who has threatened the wizarding world.

GCU with its mighty gothic structured building adds to the breath-taking beauty of the film, giving it the same magical touch that the HP fans have been missing about Harry Potter series since the last HP film was released. Here is the complete trailer that has taken the fans by storm.

The cast comprises of the most talented lot in town, including Umer Darr, Jazib Akram, Marium Hassan Naqvi, Talha Chahour, Dua Chaudhry and Arooba Usmani. The supporting cast includes Sheikh Mubbashir, Habib Chaudhary, Amina Azmat, Mariam Mehmood, Tayyab Arif, Jalal Uddin, Ejaz Zafar and Hamza Saleem. The team, furthermore, includes Ibrahim Hassan as the Production Head/Assistant director, Sheikh Mubashir as Production Incharge/Assistant Director and Hammad Javed as Production Assistant.