KARACHI  - The college education in Sindh is on verge of collapse due to nepotism and political interference and out of 286 government colleges in the province about 250 are being run by junior incharge principals, said Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA) here Sunday.

SPLA spokesman Prof Iftikhar Muhammad Azmi said corruption and mismanagement has marred state-run education sector, and college teachers of the province have been badly neglected. He said the Balochistan government has already given time-scale facility to their college teachers, while Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province approved a four-tier formula for their college teachers, while the federal government has also given their college teachers one scale up-gradation facility, but college teachers in Sindh still lacked any of these facilities.

He said the Education Department was trying to adopt recruitment rules of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Sindh, but it is not ready to give the facilities to Sindh teachers as enjoyed by their counterparts in the other provinces.

He said recently some promotion of college teachers from 19 to 20 grades were given in Sindh; however, hundreds of colleges teachers of grade 17, and 18 still await their promotions.

He said 846 male and 245 female college teachers await their promotions from 17 to 18 grade while 585 male and 255 female teachers await promotions from 18 to 19 grade.

He said many college teachers want to perform Umra but their applications are pending. He said the Director Colleges Karachi should be given authority to at least approve such urgent matters of Karachi college teachers.

Prof Iftikhar said there is a dire need to revamp education system in Sindh province, as the number of closed schools is on the rise, while a large number of colleges are being run by junior teachers as incharge principals which is affecting the process of education as senior teachers think these political-based postings injustice to them. He demanded that at least in the degree colleges of Sindh province permanent college principals of BPS-19 should be posted to improve the academic and administrative matters.

He urged the education department bosses to give a serious consideration to the grave issues of government run colleges in Sindh before it is too late.