RAWALPINDI  – Some 37 outlaws were arrested on Sunday in the district with looted items, drugs, liquor, illegal arms, a police spkoesman said.

Waris Khan police held Asif for having 415 grams Charas while Banni police sent Zohaib behind the bars on recovery of 110 grams Charas. 

Farooq was netted with 125 grams Charas. Sadiqabad police arrested Riaz with 1,100 grams Charas and Taxila police recovered 1,050 grams Charras from Sajjad and 1,060 grams Charas from Waqar.

Wah Saddar police apprehended Riaz with 1100 grams Charas. Gungmandi Police nabbed Imran on recovery of 10 bottles of liquor and  Civil Line police arrested Naeem with seven bottles. Sadiqabad police held Farrukh and Airport police nabbed Mumtaz for allegedly being under the influence of alcohol. Other accused were arrested for having drugs, liquor and illegal pistols.

Meanwhile, Pirwadhai police acting on a tip-off conducted a raid and arrested Ajmal, Najeeb, Amir and Adnan with three 30-bore pistols, 14 rounds and one dagger. Banni police arrested Muhammad Shehzad and recovered 50 kites and five string rolls from his custody.