WAZIRABAD - PML Likeminded Chairman Hadim Nasir Chattha said that corruption and incapable rulers caused collapse of key national institutions like Railways, Pakistan Steel Mills, PSO and PIA.

He added that these institutions had become a burden on the national economy instead of being supporters while the shortage of electricity and gas had played havoc in the country. He also announced that he would not contest an election from PP 104 constituency and said that he wanted unity among the Muslim Leagues.

“Corruption and incapability of the rulers are main problems. The rulers want to mint more Rs5 to 6 billion but the attempt was foiled by the former finance minister. The PML-LM did not demand eight seats from the PML-N in Gujranwala district,” he said while talking to TheNation on telephone.

“Problems occur but a capable government overcomes these problems with strategy and suitable planning. The present rulers have failed to deliver and could not put Pakistan on the path to prosperity. Political environment in and around Pakistan was another factor behind poor law and order,” he said. “The rulers near the completion of their five-year tenure wanted to plunder more Rs5-6 billion from the national exchequer but failed due to the resistance put up by former finance minister Hafeez Sheikh.”  To a question, Mr Chattha stated that all the matters between the N and LM leagues have been set while any other issue could be discussed whenever needed.