ISLAMABAD – The two-day workshop on ‘Accelerating Tax Reforms’ concluded here Sunday with formulation of recommendations to improve the country’s tax system and revenue collection.

The workshop was organised by the FBR. Eleven international and 40 local experts participated in it and provided valuable proposals for improving the over all tax system. FBR members and its section chiefs, collectors and commissioners from Inland Revenues & Customs also participated.

The major areas for which proposals were formulated included: Tax policy, Information Technology, Change Management, Customs Border Management, Inland Revenue Benchmarking and Human Resource Policy.

Some of the major recommendations of the workshop were: lowering tax/duty rates over time, build policy on empirical data derived from research, integration of software development with over all taxes and processes, creation of a customs force to comprehensively cover borders, and creation new customs areas at Torkhum & Chaman.

   In addition integration of IT, telecom and EDI Messaging with all agencies and interior ministry, improvement in HRM and completion of personnel rationalization study was also recommended by the participants.  The board had organized the workshop to share regional and global best practices on tax policy and tax administration.

   Strengthening the ongoing reforms process and creating commitment and ownership for result oriented tax machinery at par with international standard among the stakeholders was another goal of the workshop, according to press statement issued by the Board here.

   Speaking on the occasion, FBR Chairman Ali Arshad Hakeem thanked participants for working on a weekend and providing detailed policy input on various issues related to improving tax system.