FOR most people, flying is a boring and uncomfortable experience. But in the customized private jets that belong to the ultrarich the possibilities are endless, and it’s astounding to look at. These incredible aircraft include cinemas, marble baths, aquariums, Rolls Royce garages, glass floors, concert halls, wellbeing rooms, thrones, chef’s kitchens and gold seat buckles. Each unique jet can be personally designed down to the tiniest luxurious detail for work or play. Photographer Nick Gleis specialises in picturing such planes. But many of the owners wish to remain anonymous, so around 90 percent of Gleis’s work is never seen by the public. Well-known names who feature in the photos below include Jackie Chan, Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal and Donald Trump. Chan’s plush jet has his name and intertwining dragons emblazoned on the side. Al-Waleed’s has several planes and his ‘flying palace’ includes a concert hall complete with a grand piano. And Donald Trump’s chosen transport has 18 IMAX-level speakers in the cinema room.–DM