KARACHI (PR) - Innovative designer Kauser Humayun is launching a Spring-Summer collection based on the idea of a whimsical and dreamy spring. Her new collection is based on a pastel palette of soft and ethereal colours such as Lilac, Lemon and Cotton Candy Pink.

She said, “My collection is inspired by the International color trends for this season,” says the designer whose designs have been described as the perfect fusion between the east and the west. “On the catwalks of Milan, Paris and London, one could see a lot of Lilac, and soft hues of oranges and yellows. I have tried to adapt these colours to Pakistan and have brought these sorbet shades into my color palette for the coming season.”

Kauser Humayun’s Spring-Summer collection is based on light-weight flowy fabrics with character to them Along with cottons and karandis, Kauser has used the finest of silks and chiffons.

“My aim was to add depth to what is even a simple summer outfit and to come up with pieces which have layers and mystery to them. A one-dimensional outfit can be boring and mundane but a three-dimensional piece can trick the eye and create mystery and drama.”