KARACHI – The Karachi Water & Sewerage Board managing director on Sunday directed officials of the Human Resource Department, KWSB, to speed up the determination of the pension process.

In a statement, the KWSB chief said that retired and deceased employees had given their lives to the department and now it was their duty to ensure that retired employees and legal heirs of the deceased employees did not face any troubles while applying for pensionary benefits.

He directed the officers that pension payment must be ensured within next 15 days and the procedure be kept crystal clear and legal requirements be complied with. He said retired employees and heirs of deceases employees often faced trouble in getting their rightful pension cases solved.

“It is our civic duty to ensure that these cases are resolved swiftly and pension to retired employees and heirs of deceased employees is paid in a timely manner.”

 He stated that it was not only their civic but legal and religious duty to help these employees and their families. He said that any incompetence in this regard would not be tolerated and strict action would be taken against incompetent officers.

The MD said that fulfilling his religious duty, he would not let these families and employees go through financial crises and would take strict action if any incompetence was reported.

He also request families of deceased KWSB workers and retired employees to submit all necessary documents to department concerned and if their request was not processed within 15 days without any valid reason, they might contact him.