KARACHI - Nationalist parties and civil society organisations observed black day on Sunday in the province against the incidents of forced conversion of Hindu girls and their kidnappings.

A large number of workers of the nationalist parties and civil society activists gathered outside the Karachi Press Club and held a protest demonstration against the forced conversions.

Under the banner of nationalist parties, including the Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mohaz (JSQM), Jeay Sindh Tehreek, Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mohaz, Awami Jamhoori Party, Sindh National Movement and others, a large number of people staged the protest. They were carrying portraits of Rinkle Kumari and other Hindu girls, who were allegedly abducted and then converted. The demonstrators were chanting slogans against PPP MNA Mian Mitho of Ghotki for his alleged role in the kidnapping and forced conversion of Hindu girl Rinkle Kumari, who was abducted on February 24 lat year. The nationalist parties, civil society organisations and social media activists announced to observe black day on February 24, the day when Rinkle Kumari was allegedly kidnapped from her home tome, Mirpur Mathelo, with the help of armed men of PPP MNA Mian Mitho. Raj Kumar, maternal uncle of the Rinkle Kumari, while addressing the protest demonstration, said that Sindh was a place of Sufis but seeds of religious extremism were being sowed in the province by certain elements who had been using the religious outfits and extremists as their weapon against democratic and liberal forces.

He said that kidnappings and forced conversion of Hindu girls was a conspiracy against the Sindhi Hindus, who had been living in the province for centuries. Representatives of the various political parties including Elahi Bux Bikak of the JSQM, Ms Saeeda Gopang of Awami Jamhoori Party, Usman Baloch of Awami Workers Party, Ali Hassan Chandio of Sindh National Movement and others while addressing the protest demo said that Rinkle Kumari had recorded her statement in the Supreme Court to go with the parents but she was denied of justice.

They condemned the criminal silence of the government over the increasing incidents of gang-rape of Hindu girls as well as their forced conversions. When contacted by The Nation, journalist & political analyst, Veengas, who has been writing on the issue, said “I would ask from state that can they think for a while, why we are crying for Justice because we people have been facing injustice for 60 years.”  “This 24 February Day reminds us that our girl Rinkle Kumari kidnapped, raped and then forcibly converted to Islam”, she opined, continued that instead, she should have got fair trail sadly she didn’t receive few minutes of Justice either.

Veengas added that people of Sindh are observing today 24 February Day as Black Day however, our each day is black day but 24 February is mark for us, in the name of sacred words culprits committed crime and then they had not punished.  She recalled that after Rinkle Kumari, many other girls have been kidnapped and one child Vijanti raped in 2012, which showed that in the name of religion, criminal can commit sin and courts or state will not be able to file even FIR.  “Hindus are indigenous people of this land and Rinkle is Daughter of country”, she said, continued that government, judiciary, human rights and international communities including Government have ignored a girl who wanted to go with her Mother but injustice didn’t allow her to go with her mother. The denied of justice is clear message to the suppressed class of society that justice is not for them, so we vowed that February 24, would be always remained as Black Day unless people get justice, she concluded.