Attock - PML-N wants to take the country out of crises, put it on the track of development and prosperity while Zardari and his cronies are hell bent to take this country towards darkness and backwardness. If voted to power again, we will make Pakistan developed as per the vision of Quiad-e-Azam and Dr Allama Iqbal.

Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said this while addressing a gathering here at Jand, almost 85-km away from Attock. On the Occasion MNA Shaikh Aftab Ahmed, MPAs Mailk Aetbar Khan, Mailk Azam, Ch Sher Ali, Shuja Khanzada and Local leaders were also present.

Shahbaz Sharif said, “We established 16 Dainsh schools across the province including Jand at the cost of billions of rupees where poorest of poor children are studying. These students are being provided all facilities free of cost.  Shahbaz said these students are the future of Pakistan. He said laptops and solar lamps have been provided to thousand of students completely on merit and in a transparent way while tractors have been given to 30,000 farmers on subsidised rates.

Shahbaz said that 14 Daanish Schools have been set up in the backward tehsils of the province where high standard educational facilities are being provided to the poor and orphan children free of cost. He said after taking over the office of Khadim-e-Punjab, he recovered large pieces of government land from qabza groups and set up Daanish Schools over this land as well as initiated development projects.

He said Daanish Schools are at par with prestigious educational institutions of the country with regard to their academic standard and facilities. He said while children of the feudal, industrialists, waderas, bureaucrats, generals and the rich are studying at Aitchison College, modern grammar schools of Karachi and Peshawar, Lawrence College, children of poor families have an income of less than seven thousand rupees as well as orphans are given admission in Daanish Schools.

He said during his visit to Malala Yousafzai Daanish School Jand, a student of 6th class delivered an impressive speech with confidence and informed that when he came for admission in Daanish School he was wearing worn-out shoes and after his admission, an excellent uniform, shoes, residential and educational facilities have been provided.

He said despite a passage of 65 years, Pakistan has still not been transformed into the country which was envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. He said that the rulers of Islamabad has spread darkness in the country through loadshedding, destroyed its economy and looted billions and trillions of rupees through rental power project and issuance of licences to CNG companies by OGRA. He said Tauqeer Sadiq committed a dacoity of 80 billion rupees and was issued a new passport for facilitating his escape abroad. He said this role of Zardari government is well known to the people.

He said that Punjab government distributed 2.25 lakh laptops worth billions of rupees among talented boy and girl students of the province on merit basis and now 2.5 lakh solar lamps are being given to brilliant students securing more than 60 per cent marks under Ujala Scheme. He said 30 thousand tractors have been given to the cultivators having up to 12.5 acres of land on subsidised rates in a very transparent manner during last five years. He said supporters of PPP, Tehrik-e-Insaaf and other political parties were among those who received laptops, solar lamps and tractors and no discrimination has been made on political basis and these items have been given purely on merit basis in a transparent manner.

He said interest-free loans were given to 75 thousand people of the province. He said scholarships have been given to 50 thousand students from Punjab Educational Endowment Fund on merit basis for higher education whereas computer labs have been set up in all high schools of Punjab. The Chief Minister further said that the services rendered by Punjab government of Pakistan Muslim League-N during the last five years are before the masses.

He said that Nawaz Sharif conducted nuclear tests for strengthening the defense of the country while also constructed Motorway and Gwadar Port. He said that if an opportunity was given more efforts should be made for the service of the people as well as the country. The Chief Minister also referred the ongoing development projects worth billions of rupees in district Attock.

Meanwhile, addressing a big public meeting at Model Town Humak in Islamabad, Shahbaz said metro bus project has been completed at a cost of Rs 30 billion in a record period of eleven months. He said Zardari and his cronies levelling allegations against Punjab government would have never completed this project even by spending 200 billion rupees. He said that those levelling accusations of completing metro bus project with 90 billion rupees committed corruption of billions of rupees in rental power, dacoity in NICL, looted Hujaj and bullet-proof vehicles and helicopters were imported and worst corruption of the history was committed but only dilapidated and old buses have been available to the masses and people of rural areas of Islamabad are also deprived of good bus service.

Shahbaz said development projects costing billion of rupees have been completed in Punjab and if corruption of a single penny is proved, he is ready to face any punishment.

The Chief Minister said that till the decision of suo moto notice of Supreme Court on awarding contract without tenders for Safe City Project being constructed with foreign aid, a dacoity of seven billion rupees was committed which is untraceable so far.

Had Zardari and his cronies wanted, the country would have been put on the road to progress during the last five years but precious time of the people was wasted, economy was ruined, billions of rupees were looted by increasing prices of fertilizer three times, which resulted in ruination of agriculture. He said that worst loadshedding was made in the country particularly in Punjab due to which schools, colleges and hospitals faced darkness.