Islamabad - The members of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) on Friday lamented over non-fixation of their salaries despite lapse of several months.

The 10th meeting of MCI was held here at Pak China Centre to discuss the issues relating to water shortage, collection of taxes and budget of the corporation.

Mayor Islamabad and Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA), Sheikh Anser Aziz presided over the session. A six point agenda including MCI budget, revision/increase in taxes imposed by UCs and administrative control of weekly bazaars were presented during the meeting. The meeting discussed the agenda items at length.

The members were of the view that they are unable to perform their duties due to lack of funds, as the government is yet to fix their honorarium. They proposed the salary up to Rs 60,000 for the chairmen and Rs 30,000 for the members of the union councils.

The members told the mayor that there was no progress in the resolving the issues concerning to common man. The committees are constituted for the purpose but they remain almost non-functional and ineffective due to lack of funds and follow up mechanism. The members lamented that the professional tax is also being collected by the CDA and DMA and demanded that the tax be collected at the union council level.

As the members expressed their concerns over the lack of funds and resources, the mayor said that they have to follow the Local Government Act and that they cannot amend the same themselves.

The mayor asked the members to appoint secretaries of union councils themselves to run the day-to-day affairs of the body and assured that they would be paid as soon as MCI gets funds.

The members told the meeting that no record of the proceedings was being maintained. The members demanded of the mayor to raise the issue with the authorities concerned so that the corporation could get sufficient funds to run its affairs.

Meanwhile, MCI unanimously passed a resolution against shifting of control of weekly bazaars from MCI to ICT administration. While informing the status of budget of MCI, the mayor said that non-development budget has been approved by the Prime Minister of Pakistan and presently it is with Finance Division and will be allocated in next few days through Ministry of Interior. He asked the Union Councils Chairmen to submit comprehensive details of development schemes of their respective union councils so that, after estimation, these could be transmitted for allocation of budget.

While discussing the issue relating to the stipend of the members, the mayor directed to constitute a committee which will submit its suggestions by taking into consideration the allowances being drawn by the members of such corporations existing in the other cities of the country.

He said that women members of the house should be given equal representation in all committees.

The house also discussed the issue of shifting of administrative control of weekly bazaars from MCI to ICT Administration. Decision was opposed by the all members of the house and passed a unanimous resolution that the weekly bazaars are providing relief to the residents of the city and MCI is efficiently managing the affairs of the weekly bazaars. Shifting of administrative control to any other department will disturb the provision of different items of daily usage to the residents, it said.

The mayor said that different taxes including professional tax would be collected by the respective union councils in accordance with the provision of Local Government Act 2015.