LAHORE                  -                   Treasury and opposition legislators resorted to allegations and counter allegations during general discussion on price control and law and order at Punjab Assembly on Monday.

Opposition members held the government responsible for price hike, saying wrong policies had led to the prevailing situation. Treasury legislators and cabinet members accused the previous regime of putting burden on hapless masses by signing agreements for procuring electricity and gas on unrealistic rates.

The session started two hours and 15 minutes behind the scheduled time with Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi in the chair.

During general discussion, PML-N’s Malik Muhammad Ahmed said that wrong economic policies had led to the prevailing situation.

“Price hike and law and order situation is due to the wrong policies. More than four million people have lost jobs during the last one and half year. The PML-N government maintained health economic growth rate,” he said while suggesting the present government to tell the House about own performance instead of accusing the previous regime.

Chaudhry Iqbal suggested the government to increase production for checking inflation. He also suggested getting input from experienced partners like Parvez Elahi so as to provide relief to the hapless masses.

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PTI’s Neelam Hayat Malik said that price hike was artificial. She accused the mafia of creating artificial shortage of commodities. She said that the government was determined to curb the mafia.

While accepting high inflation, Minister for Industries Mian Aslam Iqbal held the previous regime responsible for the prevailing mess. He said that now the PML-N was complaining about high electricity and gas tariffs.

“Tell us who signed agreements for procurement of electricity and gas at high rates for 15 years,” he raised the question. He said that PML-N leadership had signed the agreement of procuring LNG at 9 dollar per MBTU for 15 years while the same was now available at 2 dollar per MBTU. He said that the PML-N leadership had fled the country on the excuse of illness. He said that Punjab was the only province that fulfilled the need of the entire country. He said that there was enough stock of wheat and arrangements had been made to ensure availability of essential commodity in future.

Earlier, Law Minister Raja Basharat presented to the chair sealed report of police misbehavior with Deputy Speaker Sardar Dost Muhammad Mazari.

Raja Basharat said that the government would accept the decision of Speaker PA on the inquiry report. “I have also talked to opposition members Haider Gilani and Taufeeq Butt. We will ensure respect of all regardless of political affiliation,” he said. The chair disposed of the privilege motion after receiving the report.

On a point of order, PML-N’s Azma Zahid Bokhari drew attention of the chair towards discrepancy in evaluation of answer sheets in intermediate examination.

“My daughter is victim of this system. It is up to mood of different examiners to allocate marks on same question. I am not Fayyaz Chohan to get marks of daughter increased,” she said while demanding formation of a committee and devising a uniform policy to resolve the issue relating to the future of students. The chair promised taking up the important issue with the government.

On completion of agenda, the chair adjourned the session till Tuesday (today) at 3pm.