KARACHI - Kara Film Festival is going to be held on the 4th of Feb 2009 in the metropolitan after lapse of two years. It is seventh turn of its chain on ever presented for the entertainment of the art lovers. From films, shorts to documentaries all are to be staged for the film enthusiasts who bear on their shoulders a responsibility to view sensitive products that come about from all over the world. The first series of Kara Film Festival was held in 2001; and since then it has been produced regularly in Karachi. The success of the Festival, within a short span of time, has caught the attention of world filmmakers. From renowned literary critics viewpoint, it has been ranked amongst some of the most prestigious film festivals of the region. Due to political turmoil that hit the city in the recent two years, the Kara Film Festival could not be staged. But now, with the untiring struggle of the filmmakers, it has been organised with full valour and enthusiasm. In 2006, 170 films were screened, including 40 features, 30 documentaries and over 95 shorts, from 37 countries as diverse as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Canada, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Portugal, Jamaica, Brazil, Ireland, Romania, Sweden, Guatemala, Sudan, Chad, UAE, Sri Lanka, Peru, China, Poland, Estonia, Austria, Australia, Turkey, Greece, Finland and the Czech Republic. They included a number of World Premieres and Asian premieres; however, a large number was contributed by the Pakistan premieres. Various of them, have not only won prizes at world famous festivals including Cannes, Berlin, Venice, London, Sundance and Mumbai but also international critics' FIPRESCI jury has bestowed it with graceful award. The award, presented to the best filmmaker, is called 'Cie-pie.' It is a bronze seashell, indicating that the award is honoured to the contestant from a city-by-the-sea. The upcoming Film Festival will last till the 15th February 2009.