A significant development on the national scene has gone unnoticed. It is the endearment of Mr. Zardari with Mr. Altaf Hussain who has endorsed, in so many words, President's 'leadership' and policies. This sudden surge of affection is a sign of things to come. This was bound to happen as both share a common dream against 'the common enemy'. People are pre-occupied with problems after problems. Mired in adversity, they are simply not interested. But politics goes on unabated in the capital and all sides are bunkered in Islamabad. Whether attending walima functions, travelling to and fro UK or USA, they are all maneuvering for that big election in March. Rehman Malik's recent sojourn to London was, perhaps, to compare notes for the Senate. -KHURAM KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, January 11.