LAHORE - Airport Security Force (ASF) officials on Saturday wielded to batons on the lawyers and political activists when they attempted to force their entry into the restricted area here at Allama Iqbal International Airport on the arrival of deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. Three parliamentarians including MPA Rana Tajamul, Yasin Sohal and Naveed Anjum also got minor injuries. Naveed Anjum talking to The Nation said, "I don't think ASF is at fault as a group of people, most of them lawyers, attempted to enter into the restricted area leaving ASF with no option but to baton-charge". He said, "Hamza Shehbaz and Mian Marghob were also present on the occasion and eye witness of the incident. I will not say that it was done on the behest of Zardari or federal government". However, two lawyers sustained minor injuries during the clash. An eyewitness said that some lawyers attempted to make a forced entry into the restricted area that the ASF officials tried to stop. After finding the lawyers and political activists adamant, the ASF officials baton-charged to disperse them. During all this chaos two lawyers got minor injuries while an ASF official was also slightly injured. A spokesman of the ASF said that about 400 to 500 lawyers and political activists broke the first security line of police officials and attempted to enter into the briefing area. "We tried to stop them but they descended upon misbehaving due to which the ASF has to baton-charge to disperse the activists. No serious injury was reported during the scuffle, he claimed. He said that option of the baton-charge was used only to secure VIPs, normal passengers and premises of the airport building.