PESHAWAR- Security forces on Saturday eventually took control of schools and historical Jehanzeb Government College in Mingora and Saidu Sharif. The NWFP Education Minister Sardar Hussain Babak has confirmed the handing over of 18 schools and Jehanzeb Government College, Saidu Sharif, to the security forces. The minister also said that decision has been taken to ensure safety of the educational institutions and encourage the local people to discourage the trend of blowing up of schools by militants. The government has handed over the educational institutions to the security forces a day after United Nations denounced the destruction of schools by Taliban militants. Besides the United Nations, France and several other countries has flayed the destruction of schools. Sardar Hussain Babak also hoped that peace would return all over Swat valley when the educational institutions, closed at present because of winter vacations, would reopen after February 28. He also added that destruction of more than 170 schools created problems for around 50,000 students all over Swat. In this respect, he said that alternate arrangements are being made. The government has succeeded in mobalising the community for safeguarding the institutions and in this respect Parent-Teachers Council is playing important role, the minister added. Expressing satisfaction over the latest steps taken for the protection of educational institutions, Sardar Hussain Babak reminded that for the last four days, no untoward incident has occurred. He quoted the visits of NWFP ministers, Mohammad Ayub Khan Ashari, Mian Jaffar Shah and Sher Shah Khan to Swat, which were meant to encourage the local people. He said that now he and several other ministers are also planning to visit Swat for mobalising the masses against militants.