KARACHI - NEPRA has allowed the KESC to increase the power tariff up to 20 per cent. The new tariff hike would be Rs1.84 per Kwh. The consumers of 50 units are not being affected by this hike. It is worth mentioning that the KESC has increased the tariff for the second time during last 8 months. Previously, the reason was the internationally inflated crude oil prices. Now, this increase is attributed to the amplified gas prices. It is astonishing that NEPRA has allowed the KESC to increase the tariff in the context of sharply declined oil prices in the international market. Natural gas tariff has also shown increment up to 16 per cent and are proved to be the reason for current tariff amplification. It is pertinent to mention here that the average domestic user of power utility consumes 700 to 800 units per month. The house with one air conditioner consumes 1000 units a month. The government has given relief to the consumers from 100 to 450 units per month previously and 50 units in this tariff hike. It's now easy to comprehend that how much relief has been provided to the domestic users, despite continuous assurance from the government. "The KESC has nothing to do with this announcement made for the tariff increment. This current rise is now under the consideration of the government and the ministry of water and power. The KESC has not yet notified about the increment. Unless the government issued any notification, it is not applicable. The tariff adjustments are recommended by NEPRA, the KESC has no role in it," said Ayesha Eirabie, spokesperson of KESC. "It is pertinent to mention here that the previous tariff hiking met strong condemnation. General public and the local government have strongly protested against this act of unfair tariff raise. Now, this increment is greatly unjust in the context of decreased oil price. It is now to observe that how long it will take the government to take notice of this protest," said a citizen. A resident from Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town questioned the authorities, "The country is facing uncertainty and financially weak situation. Here the inflation has broken all its previous records. People are now under immense pressure to live respectfully in the country. In such conditions how far this tariff increment is justified?" "We condemn tariff increment. The previous hike has already affected our business on a very large scale and this would be a real unjust and we will protest against it," said a businessman.