After reading what has been released in the press for public consumption, I take a poor view of the Indian intelligence agencies for concocting such an unrealistic dossier of the Bombay carnage. The details of the incident mentioned there-in may be good enough to impress the illiterate masses of the subcontinent but for the intelligentsia the 52 pages document is nothing more than a fairy tale. There is no denying the fact that terrorism is an international phenomenon and Pakistan is its worst victim. There is nothing new about the Bombay carnage that has turned India into a jitter bug to blame the Muslims community in general and Pakistan in particular. Terrorism was prevalent in India even fifty years ago when Pakistan was an absolutely peaceful country. The Nagas, Mizoes, Tamils, Naxalites and others were highly active making scores of people as their target. To quote the recent incidents, the attacks on the Parliament House Delhi, an explosion in Ghauhati, Assam) in which six people were killed and many injured and the one on Samjhota Express in which a retired Lt Col of the Indian Army was involved were proved to be the acts of India's own militants. It is learnt that the UNO has a list of about 250 terrorist organisations of the world out of which 60 belong to India. How can we rule out that the acts of killing people at the Taj and Oberoi - Trident hotels of Bombay was not performed by the dissident elements of India when a number of the terrorist organisations are still active over there. It is, however, surprising that knowing all this, both UNO and USA are playing in the hands of India and acting as a party to the Indian campaign of blaming Pakistan for all the killing. The sequence of the terrorists' journey as projected by the author of this document takes one back to the era of the adventures of Sindbad - the sailor - and others. The 10 gunmen boarded a small boat in Karachi on November 22, sailed a short distance before shifting to a bigger carrier owned by Lashkar-e-Taiba of Pakistan. The next day the 10 men took over an Indian fishing trawler, killed four crew members and sailed 550 nautical miles along the Arabian Sea. On November 26 the trawler approached the shores of Mumbai. The men killed the trawler's captain and boarded a dinghy with an engine bearing marks of a Lahore based company which carried them to Mumbai. A detailed analysis of this adventurous journey from Karachi to Mumbai which took five days involving the change of four different types of vessels will reveal a number of discrepancies. If the group belonged to a terrorist organisation in Pakistan they could have been provided with a sea vessel that would have dropped them close to Mumbai and disappeared. They would not have been left at their own to act as pirates killing people and capturing vessels that came in their way. Such a nonsensical move could have jeopardised their plan even before reaching the 'target city'. The group's last mean of transport was a dinghy which they took over from the Indian fishing trawler. How come its engine had the marking of a company based in Lahore? The group is accused of killing four crew members of the Indian vessel at least four days before the actual operation and its captain later on. No news about these killings appeared in the press. Let us now examine the weapon load that the group carried. Each man is said to have been equipped with the weapons pack of a Kalashnikov, a 9-mm pistol, ammunition, hand grenades and a bomb containing a military grade explosive, steel ball bearings and a timer. How did they feed themselves during the five days voyage, the author perhaps forgot to mention, a week's packed food as a part of the load. Let me mention that to facilitate their fast and crisp movement and a possible escape the people on such missions are not as heavily loaded. Carrying such a heavy load was only feasible if they had a sanctuary in India where they could safely dump it. The connivance of an Indian dissident group cannot thus be ruled out. A technical point which needs explanation is that the steel ball bearings are the components of a prepared explosive device. By carrying them in original, were they expected to prepare the bombs during their mission in India? Only fools could plan so. The last question in this respect is that a group of 10 persons carrying such a huge load of armaments and explosives on their bodies was not checked or detected at any stage of their five days voyage. They even walked into the city of Mumbai without being spotted. Were all the coast guards and members of security forces away on picnics? Coming to the actual operations the militants who attacked Mumbai are said to have the instructions "to kill their hostages in cold blood and fight to the death in the name of Islam." This is discriminating not only Pakistan but the whole Muslim world. The militants are said to have been acted on the instructions received from Pakistan on the cell phones that each one of them carried. The orders were something like: ? The hostages are of use only as long as you do not come under fire. If you are still threatened then do not saddle yourself with the burden of the hostages. Immediately kill them. ? Do not be taken alive, kill all hostages including the three foreigners and the women but do not kill the two Muslims you are holding. Keep your phone switched on so that we can hear the gunfire. ? Throw one or two grenades on the navy and the police teams which are outside. ? Keep two magazines and three grenades aside and expend the rest of your ammunition. ? Brother you have to fight, this being a matter of the prestige of Islam The militants conducted their mission for three days killing people and destroying property. By the morning of November 29 nine of them were killed by the Indian forces leaving Ajmal Kasab as the only survivor. The terrorist missions are never planned and conducted in such a stupid manner. The militants are trained and briefed properly about the mission and left to act according to the situation. Contrary to what has been projected by the foolish author of this document, the terrorists act independently and are never controlled from the base. The phone messages mentioned above are fake and concocted merely to indicate Pakistan's involvement in this episode. The attackers normally accomplish their mission in one go. For a longer campaign like this a base is required with proper protection by the locals. Another flimsy piece of evidence through which the Indian authorities have tried to convince the foreign countries about Pakistan's involvement is that the militants left behind in the trawler, stuff like a bottle of Dew soda packed in Karachi, pistols bearing markings of a gun manufacturer in Peshawar and other Pakistani made items like a match box, detergent powder and shaving cream. With the trade relations and passenger traffic open between the two countries, how difficult it is to collect such items from various sources and produce them before the observers? Let me inform them that Lahore has a business centre called 'Pan Gali' where all sorts of Indian items are available. Apart from Pakistan India has given the 52-page dossier to the US intelligence agency CIA also. While the ISI is said to have given its feed back to India let us see how intelligently and realistically the CIA interprets the same. If the USA can keep aside its newly found love for India and examines the whole affair impartially, I am sure they will find that Pakistan has no hand in this sordid episode. To my political understanding India has two motives behind the creation of this drama, to hide its own support to militants in Balochistan and to put the Kashmir issue in the back burner for another few years. The writer is a retired colonel