Pakistan is not a terrorist state. It is a country of moderate people. We ourselves are facing terror attacks and the links of these attacks lead investigators to the enemy countries. Pakistan is all for peace but our enemies are hell bent upon destabilizing it. We Pakistanis do not want suicide bombers either in our own borders or in any other country. The so-called religious extremists are ruining our country, distorting our image and damaging our economy besides killing our people in droves. Look at the death count in Pakistan because of suicide bombers and beheadings by the Taliban. Everyday there is a Mumbai-like incident here. So much so our top political leader Benazir Bhutto was killed in a terrorist attack. Terrorism is a global issue and a threat to world peace. Terrorists are found in every society. The LTTE, Hindu extremists, Jewish and Christian terrorists are not being mentioned. Only the Muslims are being dubbed terrorists. There is a need to change the world perception about Islam and its followers. The world must be told that we are peace loving people, we have nothing to do with terrorism and we believe in live and let live. -ZAINAB KHAN, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, January 12.