ISLAMABAD-The unannounced detente reached between Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), following Pujab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif's meeting with President Zadari, has dashed the hopes of Pakistan Muslim League(Qauid-I-Azam) to get into alliance with either of these two major political forces in the country. The background interviews with the political elite belonging to both the mainstream political parties and discussions with the sources privy to the backdoor negotiations taking place between these political parties, it could safely be said that the at least till Senate elections things would not change much and both PPP and PML(N) would observe restrain against each other, and most likely the results of the understanding between these major political forces in the country would surface after Senate elections. The sources said that at least the closeness between PPP and PML(N) had shut the doors of negotiations on PML(Q) craving to get into some alliance with any of these two political forces. Political analysts were of the view that both PPP and PML(N) would not afford to get PML(Q) on board as taking them in their fold would ruin their political image in the masses, as PML(N) had repeatedly labelled them as the remnant of the dictatorial forces while PPP had seen the blood of their Shaheed BB on their hands. In the face of extreme stands taken against the Q-League, how would PPP or PML(N) embrace them, political analysts questioned and added that taking on board Q-leaguer as separate entity would ruin their politics. The sources in PML(N) disclosed to The Nation that Mian Nawaz Sharif had on a number of occasion made it loud and clear that he would not enter into an alliance with Q-League and termed them as remnant of the dictator. A number of senior party leaders in N-League were also of the same opinion and whenever the issue of merger of Q and N Leagues figured in the meetings of the party they vehemently opposed it. The sources in N-League said that it was the desire of Mian Nawaz Sharif to see the alliance between PPP and PML(Q) as in this case he would get some 40 to 50 per cent of Q-League leaders and the whole of their roots in the electorate as it would be hard for the supporters of Muslim Leagues to stand with the people sitting with the PPP, their natural opponents in the political arena for decades. On the other hand PPP was also cosying with the PML(Q) only to the extent to thwart their possible alliance with N-League which they considered would create problems for them both at Punjab and Federal level. These sources further disclosed that on the other hand there was a sharp divide in the PML(Q) leadership as well as in their rank and file to get into alliance with PPP or PML(N).Both the supporters of alliance with either of these political forces have their own views . There was another group, though having little support in the party, which wanted to keep the party independent and they gave the argument that in case of striking deal with either of these two political forces, their party would disintegrate and their splinter groups would joint either PPP or PML(N). The political analysts suspect that the unannounced understanding between PPP and PML(N) would barely last till Senate elections and both the parties were prepared to go about their game plan with PPP planning to hit the Achilles' heels of PML(N) and the N- League using this little time of truce fortifying the Punjab Government and working out strategy to hit the PPP coalition government in Centre on a number of counts.