ISLAMABAD (APP) - Export of textile products from the country, during December 2008 has witnessed downward trend by 14.05 percent as compared to November 2008. Textile Exports during the month under review were recorded at $720 million against the exports of $751 million registered during the month of November, according Federal Bureau of Statistics. Textile exports during the first half of the current financial year also declined by 1.74 percent when compared to the corresponding period of the last month, the figures revealed. Textile exports during July-December (2008-09) were recorded at $ 5.13 billion as against exports of $5.22 billion registered during July-December (2007-08). Export of raw cotton witnessed decrease of 7.94 percent during December 2008 as against November 2008. According to FBS figures, during the month of December exports of raw cotton were stood at $11.7 million. During the month under review, Pakistan exported cotton yarn of $ 77.7 million, cotton cloth $77.7 million, cotton carded or combed $0.17 million, yarn other than cotton yarn of $2 million and knitwear $ 124 million. Similarly exports of bed wear during the moth of December were recorded at $122 million, towels $ 42 million, tents, canvas and tarpulin 4.7 million, readymade garments 107.2 million, art, silk and synthetic textile $ 42 million, made up articles $ 37 million and other textile materials of $ 19.3 million.