I recently read an interview of Maj Gen (Retd) Mahmud Durrani's interview in a newspaper on January 3, 2009. Without going into the merit of what has been stated by the sacked NSA while blowing the trumpet of his super patriotism, what appalled me most was that he still had in his possession at his home many a hefty official file related to the 1988 programme of the late Zia's fateful visit to Bahawalpur. By such a precedent, can one assume that he also has some other copies of sensitive documents related to Pakistan's national security that could be shared with 'important' friends or included in memoirs? I would hope that the former NSA would heed the advice of some to stay away from the present dispensation. Bizarre may be the antics of our present leaders but the clincher will be a re-instatement of Mr Durrani being reported as a prospect in some newspapers. Hold on fast to your decision Mr. Prime Minister as the nations appreciates your summary dismissal of this Washington man foisted on you. -KHALID BUTT, via e-mail, January 11.