Welcoming President Barack H Obama in my column last Sunday, I forecast major changes by the new US administration at the domestic and global level. The new president has lost no time in heralding the many changes he had promised during his election campaign. He spelt out his policy agenda in broad terms, without going into unnecessary details. It was an assurance of change and a clear message of hope. This Inaugural address provides a mirror to what is to follow during the next one hundred days as a yardstick of the new US strategic goals during the next four years of Obama's first term in office. Moreover, the new president could not possibly ignore the first ever incident of the throwing of shoes at the out-going President. This is a lesson worth remembering by all heads of state on their first day of assuming the highest office. Ignoring public opinion at home or abroad can be lethal. Real power lies in genuine democracy that flows out of the hearts of the people. No guns, tanks and even other weapons of mass destruction can win the trust and confidence of the people in their leadership. The American society is an egalitarian society with the US population comprising of all kinds of race, colour and religions including Christianity, Islam, Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism and many others. Yet regardless of all these divisions, they should enjoy equal status as free citizen of a democratic society. President Obama gave a message of love, hope and a good quality of life to all citizens at home as well as across the globe. Is this not a breeze of fresh air for a world torn asunder with racial and ethnic strife and undergoing a blood bath through terrorism and sectarian extremism. In the words of Obama, a bather could not enter a decent hotel in America 60 years ago because of his colour as an African American. Likewise, 60 years ago the Hindus also mistreated people that belonged to the lower cast. They did not accept the Muslims as equal citizens also on the account of belonging to the faith of Islam. This gave birth to the Two Nation Theory which resulted in the creation of Pakistan. However equality of all citizens is a basic principle in the Islamic code of life as spelt by the Holy Prophet [PBUH] some 1500 years ago. What Obama is preaching today is laid down in Islam's written constitution titled Misaq-e-Medina. But the Muslims have forgotten their own code of life, which was picked up by Napoleon during his 13 month stay in Egypt and later adopted in France and subsequently other countries of Europe including the historic Magna Carta. Look at the Muslim world today. Look at Pakistan, Afghanistan, FATA and Swat. There is death and destruction - Muslims killing other Muslims; men, women and children. The total number coming to the ghastly figure of hundreds of thousands during the last few years. Where is Misaq-e-Medina and which Islam are we talking about? Some so-called intellectuals are questioning Jinnah and Iqbal's wisdom in the creation of Pakistan. They even go to the extent of accusing the Founder Fathers of the ideological state of Pakistan having betrayed the Two-Nation Theory and compromised on remaining as one nation under the Hindu majority provided the Muslim minorities in India were provided iron clad guarantees of their due rights. This is not only stabbing the Founder Father in the back but also negating the very basis of the ideology on which Pakistan claims its independent status. More of this later as this lethal pro-India propaganda amount to a calculated and well planned mischief to make the prevailing confusion worst confounded in the wake of the Mumbai attacks. I have mentioned this in particular while talking about the winds of change introduced by Obama while ushering in his new agenda. What a contrast Obama presents while stressing the historic importance of a nation's ideology, history, culture and traditions in its development and growth. These elements constitute the very soul of a nation without which it cannot blossom. The new US president, therefore, reiterated the glorious story of American independence and harmonious intermingling of its cultural and social heritage resulting in the ideology of modern America in which Obama takes so much pride. Pakistan has must to learn from the future strategy and agenda of President Obama in which he has asked the Muslim world to look for new avenues of their future relations in the global village that we are all to share together. In this global village President Obama has chosen to place Pakistan in the centre stage of South Asia's hot spot. The writer is the president of the Pakistan National Forum E-mail: ikramullah@nation.com.pk