A few of the acts that are considered to be good or bad omens indicating certain future happenings, aka superstitions, are a part of any society or culture. Throughout human history there is no doubt about the fact that man has made up a few facts. Factual or not, superstitions do happen to make us think twice, before we tell ourselves, "This is all made up".

We Pakistanis also own our good share of superstitions, here are some listed down below.

1.       “Black cat just crossed my path- dammit something bad is going to happen!”

The cat should be completely black, let me clarify that. The poor cat is maybe following a mouse, not caring about you and here many Pakistanis just go bizarre thinking ‘something bad is going to happen now’.

You feel like doing this, but you are not a cat.

2.       “A crow is cawing like crazy - guests are on their way”

Okay let’s suppose the crow knows that someone is coming and starts cawing to let you know that you have to clean your house, wash your face and hide all the embarrassing stuff. Crow is really awesome. But I suppose it has no idea. Right?

Or does it?


3.       “Drink milk after fish- welcome skin diseases”

This one is weird and has been fed to us *Pun intended* so many times that we don’t really know what it feels like to have warm milk after eating fish. And I for one, isn’t testing it now. I have enough problems already.

4.       “Palms itchy- Money is coming your way” *Ka-ching*

Remember that time when you had an itchy palm and suddenly all your friends started planning what they will do with your money? Whenever your palm and let me be specific, the right palm is itchy expect some money flying your way.

Husbands know when your wife has an itchy palm, your pocket and wallet are not safe anymore.

5.       Sit under a tree after its dark- be possessed by a jin

First of all, you are a jin if you are sitting under a tree these days, right fellas? I mean it’s cold outside right now and night time is really dark because our government decided to bless us with blackouts, I mean who would sit under a tree?

Generally it is believed, that jin will grab such an opportunity and you know, slowly kill you. But no big deal, the heart wants what it wants. You feel like sitting outside under the tree. DO IT.

6.       Left Eye twitching – Something bad is going to happen

The twitch is yet another bad omen, it means the world around you is conspiring something against you. Scientifically, a twitching eye can be one sign of stress, especially when it is related to vision problems such as eye strain. But like itching if the twitching is persistent please go to a doctor.

7.       You sneeze- When somebody is thinking about you

This necessarily doesn’t apply if you have flu or cold, but in case you don’t. It is totally applicable. The fun part is guessing who must be thinking about you.

Well, superstitious or not, all of us love to give these at least three seconds of attention, before we reject them and move on with our lives...