A diver exploring an area of southern France made famous by legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau died of cardiac arrest on Saturday, emergency services said.

The Font Estramar resurgence in the Pyrenees-Orientales department is the deepest of its kind in Europe according to Euro Speleo magazine and was explored by Cousteau, a marine explorer whose documentary ‘World Without Sun’ won an Oscar, in 1951.

‘The man, aged 50, had been unwell from 35 metres (115 feet) underwater and his colleague quickly sounded the alarm,’ a fire service spokesman told AFP. ‘Despite all the efforts (of firefighters) to revive him, the man died.’

The Font Estramar resurgence has been the site of many accidents, with the fire service spokesman estimating that one person died there ‘every two years’. It is one of the five deepest resurgences in the world, with a depth of 190 metres.