rawalpindi - With a sharp increase in underage, reckless and helmetless driving by youngsters, the city traffic police have started a special drive to stop this practice.

The initiative is aimed to discourage the underage drivers found involved in such exercise, said Chief Traffic Officer (CTO)/SSP Shoaib Khurram Janbaz yesterday. He said, “Underage drivers and young riders are being arrested while their vehicles and motorcycles are also being impounded in the police stations following the finding that over 75 percent of the accidents are caused by underage drivers.”

Shoaib was of view that the CTP were also taking action against the public transport plying on roads by installing old tyres. “Through this, the precious lives of passengers as well as other commuters can be saved from mishaps,” CTO said.

He said that CTP had organised a training workshop for the auto-drivers to make them follow precautionary measures while driving during fog. The training workshop was organised by CTP Education Wing on the instructions of Regional Police Officer (RPO) Wisal Fakhar Sultan Raja.

The CTO said that the wing targeted the motorcyclists and drivers plying their vehicles on Airport Road, Mall Road, Peshawar Road and other important and busy roads of the city. He added that the drivers were told by the instructors to reduce speed and turn on headlights while driving in fog. The CTO advised the auto drivers and motorcyclists to avoid over speeding in fog as this could prove fatal for human lives.

“Our aim is to ensure safety of pedestrians and reduce road accidents by creating awareness among different sections of people,” said CTO Shoaib Khurram Janbaz.