LAHORE - The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has started renovation and upgradation of Drug Testing Laboratory in the city.

LDA will make need-based structural changes in the building’s design and renovate the structure with the consultation of NESPAK.

Adviser to Chief Minister on Health Kh Salman Rafiq yesterday said the laboratory would be up-graded according to the latest requirements, and it would be a state of the art facility in coming days.

DG Forensic Laboratory Lahore Dr Tahir Ashraf has been appointed as the Project Director, while services of technical experts of UK Laboratory Services Institution have also been acquired.

The staff will receive training from Forensic Laboratory Lahore and two senior scientists from the UK.

Samples to be analysed at Lahore would be sent to the labs in Faisalabad and Multan, during the period of renovation.

Agencies add: Drugs Regulation Authority Pakistan (DRAP) has rejected 1000, out of 9000 applications of different local as well as foreign companies for the registration of their products.

After the expiry of date of application for registration of their products on October 1, 2014, around 9000 herbal companies applied for their registration and products but after the scrutiny, the DRAP rejected applications of 1000 companies including 600 local and 400 foreign companies on the grounds of incomplete documentation and insufficient provision of other material including required information.

Sources associated with Drugs Regulation Authority Pakistan disclosed it here on Sunday. After the formation of Health Bill for Alternative Medicines 2012 on which implementation was started in May 2014, over 9000 herbal companies applied for the registration of their over 10,000 products while most including two big companies of herbal production se of big export potential for Pakistani herbal companies after registration because the DRAP will issue certification which is mandatory for export to Europe and other companies, the legal expert maintained.